24/07/16 It's that time of year again, a time to celebrate and honour the memory of Ian Stuart Donaldson, founder of the International Blood & Honour movement. Sadly, it's been over 20 years now that we've been paying tribute every annum to the values, vision and sacrifice of this great man and, as we do every year, we do this with a concert in the way he would have wished.
The gig will be on the 15th of October and contact details are on the flyer below.

As with every event put on by both Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins, if we haven't met you previously, you'll need to attend beforehand one of the regularly held meet & greets in your state. There'll be people there from every corner of Australia and coming to these events is a great way to get to know both people from your area and from the broader WN community around the country. As we say every year, you don't have to be a skinhead to come along, many aren't; all White Nationalists are welcome.


ISD 2016



15/5/16 The Southern Cross Hammerskins and their Crew 38 supporters in Central Queensland are putting on an event and there's worse places to party and meet with with solid brothers than in Central Queensland in the middle of winter. This is open to all White Nationalists throughout Australia and if you'd like to attend, as always with our events, no info will be given out by email about this unless we've met you in person first.
If you haven't met us yet and would like to, just email the relevant state contact address and ask to come along to one of the regular meet & greets that are held regularly in every state nationwide as well as the ACT.

8/2/16 Hammered Festival 2016 Tasmania

Hammered 2016

12/8/15 Australian ISD Memorial Concert 2015


4/4/15 Hammered 2015 - South Australia

Hammered 2015 South Australia


3/1/15 SCHS has begun the new year as strong as ever. Whilst we do not air much of our news publicly we will be holding various events and meet and greets through out the year. For those who are interested in contacting us please use the email most relevant, be it Crew or SCHS in the state capital closest to you. We will post more details of events welcome by invitation to newcomers as they approach.


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