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3/1/15 SCHS has begun the new year as strong as ever. Whislt we do not air much of our news publicly we will be holding various events and meet and greets through out the year. For those who are interested in contacting us please use the email most relevant, be it Crew or SCHS in the state capital closest to you. We will post more details of events welcome by invitation to newcomers as they approach.

25/3/14 Hammered 2014

As most would know Hammered since it's inception has been held in Queensland, namely on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have decided to change it up and move states this year to the Newcastle Region in New South Wales.
Hammered is an invite only event, and those wishing to attend should contact your local Crew 38 by going to
contacts to arrange a meet and greet prior to the event.

Hammered 2014

28/9/13- SCHS is proud to announce that we now have members in all states of Australia and also recently jumped the ditch to form Crew 38 New Zealand. Anyone who wishes to contact their closest members should use the email addresses provided on our contacts page

Also the joint SCHS/Blood & Honour ISD Concert in Melbourne went off without a hitch a few weeks ago, we we'll add one concert goers thoughts below...for a full review click here

Very briefly for those interested; I don't have the superlatives to adequately describe how good that show was. The Commieknockers were their hilarious best, Open Season maintained if not bettered their usual high standard of musical proficiency and intensity and Brutal Attack put on a performance with a jaw-dropping level of showmanship that had the crowd responding in accord. It was just an amazing thing to be a part of.

I guess the upshot of being so distant from the rest of the world has a recompense in that when we bring bands out such as Brutal Attack they usually have a bit of an extended stay here which means that most everyone was able to socialise, joke around and hang out with each other and the bands, not just at the gig, but at the BBQs, dinners, day trips, etc. we do on the days preceding and post the events.

This year was no different and spending downtime with Ken McLellan and the boys meant you went to bed with aching ribs from the unrelenting laughter, piss-taking and quick-witted banter. The ease with which those guys just slotted right in with us and vice versa was phenomenal. And the graciousness and humility they showed as guests was just frankly humbling.

All I can say is if you're into Nationalist music and spending time with actual gatherings of people with similar mindsets then you're missing out if you don't get in contact and come along.

Thanks to the people who made the effort to come, the bands for all the unpaid hard work they do and lastly to all the nameless workers, the security, bar staff, etc. all of whom make these events what they are.

828 and hail Ian Stuart!


7/5/13 - ...and the hits just keep on coming, The fourth Hammered Festival went is the next SCHS associated event, marking 20 years since the death of Ian Stuart this concert should prove to be the biggest thing Australia has seen in a while...

ISD 2013

9/12/11 - Has it been another year already. So it has been a long time between drinks news-wise here I suppose, but that doesn't mean we haven't been keeping busy and quick as all that another year has rolled around and it is time for the Annual Hammered festival in Qld.... See the flyer below for details... and here's what they said about last year....

Hammered 2013

Hammered 2012

20/12/11 Has it been a year already?

Hammered 2012


24/11/11 The SCHS would like to express sincere condolences to the family and friends of our American brother. R.I.P.
Jers RIP


9/11/11- Once more the Qld brothers are flying the flag this Xmas. For those who wish to attend see the flyer for details.

White Xmas 11

10/9/11 U.S. Hammerfest-

Latest show from our American brothers, see the flyer for details...

US Hammerfest


1/9/11 European Hammerfest and Hammered 2011 Video

European Hammerfest is coming up, see the flyer for details. Also we have posted a video from the 2011 Hammered Festival on our Video page..

Euro Hammerfest


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