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Crew 38 Supporter Club is for people who are interested in the S.C.H.S. and wish to be a Hammer Skin one day or because of work, family, distance or that they appreciate and support the S.C.H.S-H.S.N. and do not want membership, to show support to the Nation and have some part in the brotherhood.
To be a Supporter you must fulfil these requirements:

• Live a good clean lifestyle NO-DRUGS , NO-ALCOHOL ABUSE, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• Be racially aware and practice the 14words.
• Be aware of and support the goals of the S.C.H.S.-H.S.N.
• Extend the hand of friendship to the brothers that has been extended to you


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For more information on Crew 38 or to arrange a meet and greet with your local Crew use the email address closest to you found on our contacts page


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